All of Humanity are descendants of The Seventy Nations that descended after the Great Flood recorded in the Torah from the sons of Noah and then dispersed throughout the earth . We are representatives of states, nations, and tribes, being called to gather again, back together and join with the common call of Unity through The 70 Nations. 
    We recognize the divine value of the Bible and its authority and acknowledge our desire to walk in the ways of God. These actions are intended for all peoples of the world. 
    We accept upon ourselves the inspiring directives  of the Bible that come to us through  prophets and scribes and its authority as laws that guide all of our decisions since the Bible is the divine revelation of the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe as we know it.

    In all our endeavors we will strive for peace among all peoples and among all families by maintaining and nurturing God’s creation, avoiding unjustified wars and conquests, and preventing unjustified wanderings of peoples and tribes that undermine world peace.

The Seventy Nations will maintain our spiritual and legal center in Jerusalem and with G0d’s help, we hope and pray that we will not fail and that the G0d of heaven and earth will guide us on the direct path without animosity among peoples.

ISAIAH 56:7 






The Jerualem Unity Center is an International USA an based organization  that seeks to establish a biblical voice of justice in world as well as the voice of the people who follow in hope, the common and moral directives as truths  found in the Bible as the voice of the living God.

    Working alongside with the reestablished biblical court of justice being formed by the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem, 70 Nations joins with the voice of the people the causes of the world at large that encourage social change and moral objectives in better understanding basic human rights and human equity values as a Human being in existence on a journey to knowledge and understanding purpose and point of existence.


Alongside the Sanhedrin who remain a viable and tangible asset and mentor as well as authority, of and to The 70 Nations, The 70 Nations organization if affiliated with many large Jewish organizations such as Chabad ( Lubavitch) and as a growing organization, reflects the opinions and moral standards set forth from these esteemed Torah representatives.


The 70 Nations welcomes membership on an individual level as well as a national level and levels in between and encourages everyone to become a leader in their world to spread these concepts we represent . Through our efforts we seek to provide a renewed way of understanding God and man in search for divine truths and peaceful coexistence among all mankind.


Our objectives included: budling a House of Prayer for All nations in Jerusalem while awaiting the rebuilding of the long prophesied and awaited Third Jewish Temple in which the fulness of the prophecies of Israel 56:7 will come to the fullness of its fruitions.


Until then it is our hope to welcome All Nations to Jerusalem to prayer learn and worship with the 70 Nations Jerusalem and the Jewish people in solidarity and unity as we move forward in our understanding of our divine origins and purpose for human life. 



From a biblical worldview, human value is G-d’s greatest value. It is to be noted and understood that G-d made all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitations. The word nation is to be understood in the context of ethnicities, tribes, the human family, and foreign and organized nations.


Sustainable civility comprises five keys that every nation and people are entitled to. Liberty (Freedom to govern responsibly), Dignity (what elevates, not depreciates a people), Policy (the protection of liberty, dignity), Geography and Sovereignty (Regard for the earliest history of such). Within these five areas, Human Relations is of utmost importance. As an organization comprised of various individuals and groups, the use of speech must not create instability, fear, or discomfort in any way to bring into disrepute the organization of 70 Nations or to hinder the process of achieving the five areas of sustainable civility, but whose speech will be in accordance to principles written in the Bible and the 70 Nations booklet. Neither will the individual religious beliefs, rituals, and practices be confused with the purpose for which the 70 Nations exists.


The wisdom of G-d to Noah insists that there will not be a deprivation of the purpose for which the earth was created as a ‘geo-global land mass’ on account of humanity’s failure to comply with the principled lifestyles that contribute to its purpose. However, while the earth goes on day to day, the task and or responsibility given to everyone is to ensure the continuity of the ecological purpose of the earth. This comprises agriculture, atmospheric importance, seasons – weather, and time.

While G-d is no respecter of persons, in every nation, whosoever reverences Him and do righteousness is accepted with Him. The

 dominating factors founded upon the values of the word of G-D, which speaks to the integrity, morality, and ethics with which human beings, that is, mankind ought to live.

Secular organizations of the world, though having and achieving some good, have also compromised that which speaks to biblically-based value systems to make its progress. I (and we of the Human Equity Value Institute) believe (s) that not every ‘Human Right’ is Humanly Right and if not right, then its inherent value (system) is therefore compromised.

We can achieve the purpose of the organization without imposing one’s belief system upon another. We must not become a ‘Religious United Nations’


Human Value is First, and not primarily Religious Values, for, in the absence of human beings, religion will cease to exist. HEV declares Human Value First and that we ought to Value others as we want to be valued.

The Seventy Nations recognizes among all the sacred things that G-d has given to mankind, the Torah is most sacred. That is the revelation of G-d, the existence of humanity, and the relationship that exists between both.

Not only did G-d reveal how humanity came into being, but He also revealed who brought them into being and in addition, included and or provided the necessary information (principles) upon which humanity should treat with or relate to all and sundry, including the physical creation.


Everything created by G-d was created with its own unique value system. The value of a thing identifies its purpose in this world and above everything else, human value is foremost.

It is on this premise that we, the Seventy Nations find the concept of Human Equity Value a fitting and necessary principle that will serve as one of our key founding principles that we believe G-D engraved in the entire canon of scripture.

Human Equity Value™ (HEV) is the Recognition, Consideration, Protection, and Procurement (Acquisition) of Human Value and its Equity Entitlement.  How we treat anything tells:

  1. Our knowledge and understanding of the value of a thing.

  2. How much we value it.

The Seventy Nations, therefore, will exist to value humanity in such a way that should reflect how it ought to be valued. To make aware to the world the intrinsic value of humanity and creation.

The Seventy Nations recognizes that all humans were created in G-d's image and after His likeness. Thus, being created in G-d's image and after His likeness gave humanity both their Human Value and Equity Entitlement to that value.


  • Humanity's entitlement is based upon their Equity Value given to them by G-d.

  • Humanity is entitled to worshipping the One True and Living G-d without being manipulated or coerced into doing so.

  • Humanity is entitled to live without fear of disregard for human life by other human beings.

  • Humanity is entitled to human development within the context of moral and ethical principles that are designed for human development.

  • Humanity is entitled to justice. Truth, Mercy, and Justice defines human treatment and serves as the mechanisms that give to each human being Equity Value.


The Seventy Nations recognizes that true human value speaks to the global topic of true human rights. That true human rights are engraved and or derived from intrinsic human value. The organization, namely Seventy Nations notices that according to the principles of the word of G-d, not all human rights are humanly right, and thus that 'right 'has no value. To this the scripture gives support.


Isaiah 5:20  — Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


The Seventy Nations recognizes the value of human equity from a creation value system mandate basis that incorporates four essential areas of creation that have been entrusted to humanity. These four (4) essential responsibilities are the mandate to ensure the proper practices and continuity of the following:

  1. Agriculture and Procreation.  The culture of agro-sciences with its benefits to both humanity and creation and human procreation along with its value to humanity and creation.

  2. Climate-Temperature and its benefits to both humanity and creation.

  3. Creation's two physical Seasons and their purposes to humanity and creation and

  4. Time and its crucial function in creation for all humanity.

These four (4) are outlined in the book of Genesis after the flood.

Genesis 8:22 KJV — While the earth remaineth, seedtime, and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

Each of these four areas for the most part, are the most important factors in and for the continuity of our physical planet and humanity and to the degree that they are managed, will directly have an effect on humanity and human value.

Dead Sea