The Seventy Nations Jerusalem

The Seventy Nations is a Global Movement for those who, while standing together with the Jewish people in Jerusalem, both secular and religious, will strive to discover and create a collective global community united in a new understanding of God as Creator Sustainer of the Universe. 

As such, we advocate that the Human Being is a created being which is sustained by its Creator. We advocate that human existence on a journey to evolution in knowledge and understanding of purpose as a point of existence.

Human Equality, Human Value, Human Rights and the Human Divine Be-ing along with The Common Good, Moral Integrity, Rational Thinking and Logical Deduction will be a foundation and platform to make all our decisions as an organization and to dispel the negative and false understandings of our origins.


We will attempt to discover as we reach into all areas of human existence our spiritual and conscious evolution to acquire the level of divine understanding meant for all human beings made in the image and likeness of the Living God who is the Creator Sustainer living in and through all of its Creation.

Our objectives include building a House of Prayer for All Nations Pilgrim Center in Jerusalem called the Jerusalem Unity Center while awaiting the rebuilding of the long prophesied and awaited Third Jewish Temple in which the fulness of the prophecies of Israel 56:7 will come to fruitions.

We welcome all nations, tribes, people and culture to join us in the common goal of Unity. Though our differences in faith beliefs may separate us in religions, we seek to gain a unified understanding with all people to accomplish the common goal of Unity in which we can learn to peaceful exist together through knowledge and renewed understanding of the Living God as Creator Sustainer grows through our efforts.

The Seventy Nations will strive to prepare the way for this expanded and new spiritual understanding of Our Creator with the Voice of the Nations to address causes of the world at large that encourage social change and moral objectives in better understanding basic human rights and human equity values.


Through our efforts we seek to provide a renewed way of understanding God and man as in taking religious attitudes to a more conscious and current level of understanding in the 21st Century in humanities search for divine truths and peaceful coexistence among all mankind.

The Seventy Nations welcomes membership on an individual level as well as a national level and encourages everyone to become a leader in their world to spread the founding principles we represent.

Our hope is to unite the world in true righteousness that comes without discrimination of Religion, Culture, Nation or Tribe, thus bringing Peace and Justice to Jerusalem and the Whole Earth.

Until then it is our hope to welcome All Nations to Jerusalem to pray, learn and worship together as the SeventyNations in Jerusalem in solidarity and unity as we move forward in our understanding of our divine origins and purpose for human life. Learn more at


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